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Labyrinth Birthday Party

Labyrinth Themed Birthday Party

April 18th, 2018 - by Josie

‘Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City’

This is the story of a fairytale which came true, and it all started on a Saturday, the 10th February…

My (special *cough*) birthday was looming and on our WhatsApp chat group my three sisters, Claire, Erin & Michelle suggested we have a meal out together to celebrate. I was definitely up for a night out especially as we don’t spend much time on our own together.

The actual day didn’t start so well, it was raining, my little adopted guinea-pig Ginger had stopped eating the night before and passed away that morning so there I was out in the pouring rain digging a hole feeling sorry for myself and poor little Ginger. I almost text to cancel but Claire messaged to say she had booked a hotel to stay in so we could have a drink. The thought of a large glass of wine was appealing so I resolved to go and be merry.

Time ticked on and after spending an hour going through my wardrobe Claire arrived and I’d only got as far as putting on my tights! My bed was a mess and I wondered how I’d get in it later. I hollered at my boys who were engrossed in laptops looking like Cybermen to open the door. One of them must have heard through the ear/mum defender type headphones because she came upstairs saying I looked fine and to chuck anything on. While I pulled on my clothes she explained that Erin had had a falling out with mum so would be there waiting for us at the hotel with Michelle.

Off to the car and we were away with a detour to the local offie for a bottle of Prosecco… this was going to turn into a fun night.

Up and into the hotel room with a whiff of pizza …well this is strange I said out loud. Erin protested whipping out her phone to explain that the portion sizes at the restaurant were really small so we were having a drink and food first.

Before I even had time to look at the pictures she was swiping away at, she sat me down and told me she was doing my hair for me. So I took a swig of prosecco like you do and she started on my hair. The thing was I couldn’t see what she was doing because I had to keep my head down. As I sat there wondering what an earth was going on I could hear Jaime, Claire’s husband coming in …must be here to look after baby Albert I thought.

Erin finished my hair and I looked in the mirror, wow! I was in for a bigger surprise. Michelle grabbed a large sheet and uncovered a ball gown which she had made herself, so this is what I was going to be wearing! On went the dress and before I had time to think what was happening we were off to the restaurant!

As we went through the foyer of the hotel I heard a passerby whisper must be a wedding and for a brief nano second I wondered if they had somehow found a man willing to marry me.

Claire led the way but we went outside. It’s this way she said and I dutifully followed like a sheep, albeit dressed in a puffy ballgown. We headed into the Dome Cinema opposite the pier in Worthing which was lit up in purple and violet colours. Are we watching a film I thought and if so how the heck am I going to sit down without ruining the dress!

As these thoughts were running through my mind a man turned up with a camera and started taking photos. It’s alright my sisters explained, he’s for us!

A few snaps later my sisters disappeared up some side stairs and I followed. At the same time a film had finished and people were going down as I was going up, I could hear the smiling cinema goers asking what was happening and I told them I had no idea but it was my birthday and I was (insert special birthday age here)!

I reached the top of the stairs and walked through the door. The film Labyrinth was playing as I walked in and Hoggle grabbed my hand and led me in…

I walked in to the song ‘when the world falls down’ and did shed a few tears, the trouble everyone went to was immense and the planning had been going on for months. My aunt even volunteered to dress up as the Goblin King and she kicks some pretty awesome makeup skills!

My nephew was dressed in a baby grow just like Toby in the film and one of my sons was Hoggle although I hadn’t realised it was him when he first grabbed my hand. It was a special evening, a dream come true which ended with bubbles and dancing with ‘Toby’ to Magic Dance & Underground.

How lucky am I to have such creative caring family and friends. My mum and Claire did an insane amount of organising and inviting the guests. My dad made the clock from the film which now sits in my kitchen, he also went out into the woods with Erin and Debbie (aka the Goblin King) to get tree branches to spray paint silver and decorate the room with. There were so many details in the room from photoshopped pictures of me and David Bowie in glass balls to homemade candelabras and a stunning cake with a masquerade mask. It was like stepping into a scene from the film.

Thank you to everyone who was there and made it such a special night.

If you want to read about how my wonderfully talented sister Michelle made my dress you can here on her blog

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